One of the hardest and, I say this fiercely, best thing about kids is their brutal honesty. They haven’t learned how to be subtle and their “why”s are laced with enough confusion that you begin to question “why” too. The questions that are hard to answer, the social situations that are tricky to navigate; these are the moments when you realize that this is what it all comes down to. You can feel the defining-ness of these moments. These are moments not just about today, but about tomorrow as well. How you educate your kid today about sharing and taking turns so that everyone has a chance to play with toys is really about tomorrow, when that adult decides to build a community by lending his snowblower to a neighbor during a snowstorm.

When you encounter those critical, teachable moments, they’re really opportunities to define and share your values. And that can be pretty terrifying because you’re human too and half the time you feel like you’re winging being an adult. Yet the kids need answers. Now. When this happens to me, I have to do a lot of rapid introspection, provide an answer (and hope to god I haven’t mucked it up somehow), and then turn to books to help continue/guide the discussion.

Readable Moments Book Club (RMBC when my fingers get tired) discovers books that help you navigate these teachable moments in a way that you and your kids are already familiar with and love: reading books together. In those cozy moments when you’re curled up with a kid and a book, stories can help you discuss situations in a low-pressure way that’s empathetic to you and your kids.

Who is this for

When I think about who is reading this newsletter, in my mind it’s parents, guardians, and educators who themselves are self-proclaimed bookworms. These are people who have experienced first-hand the power of learning from the written (and spoken!) word. They hope their kids can learn those abstract concepts that are so much easier to understand when they’re packaged into delicious, beautiful, irresistible stories. And maybe, just maybe, their kids will become book lovers too.

What to expect

Every week, you will receive a dispatch alternating between book recommendations (for ages up to 10 years old) on a learning theme and other topics that can help you guide your kids’ reading journeys. You’ll learn why a book is a good read, what makes it so great, and who should read it. I will also introduce you to other resources that can help weave storytelling and reading more seamlessly into your environment.

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